Discover the Philosophy

Innovative and stylist panic exit devices 100% manufactured in stainless STEEL INOX 316.

Pursuing innovation and a high standard of quality is our distinctive characteristic, and it translates into deep integration between the customer’s specific requirements and the continuous confrontation with developments in the reference markets.

This process of continuous improvement is a fundamental concept for everyone who takes part in the company’s projects. Our organization is able to evoke enthusiasm, determination, commitment, passion, and a sense of belonging in employees and collaborators. These conditions are necessary to create a strong and distinctive corporate culture: “A Culture of Excellence”.

Our culture of excellence is directed toward the customer, whose satisfaction is of paramount importance for developing a deep relationship of listening and cooperation comprising a constant presence and propositional dialectic.

We propose suitable, innovative, and flexible solutions to customers all over the world, thereby exporting the precious commodity of Italian quality.

With THESIGN we decided to do more. THESIGN is a trend-setting panic exit device. THESIGN is the sign of Italian design.